For your farm holiday in Saturnia, choose our structure, located just 13 km from the thermal establishment and the famous “Gorello” stream. The farm Poggio al Vento is the ideal solution to enjoy the wonders offered by the Maremma and its enchanting landscapes.


Famous in Etruscan times for its extraordinary waters with curative properties, Saturnia was founded by the Roman people in the immediate vicinity of the Via Clodia route and for several centuries enjoyed great importance from a social and economic point of view.

Subsequently, the country saw the domination of the Aldobrandeschi dynasty, the Orsini of Pitigliano, the Republic of Siena and the Medici of Florence, with the consequent annexation to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

Inside the village of Maremma we can observe the medieval Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, which houses some important Renaissance paintings, the Castellum Aquarum, built by the Roman people as a place to collect water, the Palazzo Panciatichi-Ximenes, which stands on the main square of the country and finally let’s remember the most significant place in Saturnia, Bagno Santo, an ancient rock settlement built in the era before the Etruscan domination.